“Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something”

“Nothing happens until somebody sells something”, is one of the great sales managers’ rah rah clichés. But that doesn’t make it invalid.


Its obviousness contains a critical truth that a business won’t survive for long if it relies on the other version of the saying, “nothing happens until somebody buys something”.

Selling is something under your control, waiting for customers to buy isn’t. It’s that pro-activity which makes selling potentially the most dynamic function in your business, the one that deserves the most attention, resources and development focus. Unfortunately, for many organisations selling is still viewed as an amateur rather than professional calling. How many other functions would get away with a board report that is written as a highly justified wish fulfilment list covered with caveats and provisos?

At Structured Training we believe selling can be professionalised, from forecasting new business through to retaining your best customers. Our expertise and experience shows us that when salespeople work at being consciously competent within a structured process, staying (slightly) ahead of their customers learning whilst demonstrating a high service belief wrapped in a ‘go for it’ approach, they do brilliantly; and all of these components can be analysed and improved on through training and good sales force design.