New Job Reading List

We’re often asked by people heading into a new management job what they should do to prepare.  We have a handy first 100 days article which will give you some ideas if you’re moving into a senior role, but if you’re heading into your first executive or graduate role it’s hard to know where to start.  If you’ve got some time this summer to have a read and build your background knowledge to boost your front line performance, here’s a capsule reading list to get you started.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People         Stephen Covey

We like the workbook edition of Stephen Covey’s 1990 landmark book, but before investing ask around, there’s a good chance one of your friends or family have this book already and you can borrow it.  It’s a classic, and with good reason.  There’s all kinds of spin offs for couples, families, teens or whatnot, but stick to the core principles.


The Chimp Paradox                                Steve Peters

If you want to be super successful in any aspect of your life then the one thing you can do that will mark you out as a together, inspiring, confident and empathetic leader in everything you do is to know yourself.  That’s much easier to say than do, and a great step towards that goal is to understand others better.  Once you better understand how others react you can start to unpick your own behaviours, one swing from a tree at a time.


Never Split the Difference                       Chris Voss

This one gets a bit more specific, delving into how best to negotiate.  Don’t be put off if you’re not headed into a life of sales or procurement, rest assured that any successful organisational life will mean plenty of negotiation with all sorts of stakeholders.


Thinking Fast and Slow                           Daniel Kahneman

You may have just acquired a huge burden of debt by going to university to learn how to think, debate and build convincing, fact based arguments, but you’re in the working world now and things won’t always go to plan.  Get to grips with why your gut reaction might be the only one that matters or why your thinking habits may be fooling you into making poor choices.  There’s plenty of thought experiments in here to keep you engaged.


Working with Emotional Intelligence        Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goldman has taken one big idea and turned it into a publishing phenomenon.  Our pick of the bunch is Working With EQ as it helps you to put the idea into action.  It’s not just the kid with the highest UCAS points who succeeds in life, it’s also the one who connects best with others, and themselves.  Put your mortar board aside for a moment and learn how to get the most from your personality in the workplace.