Natural Born Leaders

Are leaders born or made? This is a really boring question, like the nature/nurture debate.  Boring, because it’s obviously both, in both cases.  That “making” doesn’t start or end the moment people join your organisation either.  The much more interesting question around Leadership is why isn’t more attention given to it as part of organisations’ people development strategies?

If leadership means anything it means taking responsibility for changing (improving) something. Whether on a personal or corporate basis we can all change (everybody has that potential), it’s whether they have the motivation to convert the thought into the deed. Interestingly, we tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, others judging us by actions.  Meanwhile we judge others on their actions, without too much concern for their intentions.  People showing leadership attributes tend to have a smaller reality gap, focusing not on what they should do but on what they actually implement.

Structured Training build on this idea of leadership with its 4SLeadership™ framework showing how a person’s behaviour linked to heightened self awareness can make them a more effective leader. This applies regardless of whether that’s someone who is managing a call centre team, running a project, or in charge of a large PLC. The scale might be different, but on a relative basis the challenges are the same and the opportunity for a leadership response significant.