Meetings 101

We’ve witnessed a few meetings recently that have been inefficient, ineffective and in some cases detrimental to the business that was holding them.

Some of those meetings could have been saved by good planning, some by good process, others by better facilitation, and one or two by not happening at all. Here’s a quick check-list from the archives to help you to have better, more productive, motivating and worthwhile meetings.  Let us know how you get on.


  • Why have a meeting at all?
  • Objective?


  • What do we need to know before we can start?
  • What information needs to be circulated?
  • What needs finding out?
  • What do we need to present to bring everyone up to speed on the subject?
  • What needs to be on the agenda?


  • Who should attend?
  • Who needs to receive the minutes?
  • Who will fulfil what roles during the meeting?


  • Why have it now?
  • Do we need lead time to prepare?
  • Are there any deadlines?
  • What time of day and day of the week?
  • When will it end



  • Home, neutral or away territory?
  • Formal or informal location – boardroom or lunchroom?
  • Interruptible or private setting?


  • Formal or informal?  Workshop?  Brainstorming? Facilitated?
  • How long will it take?
  • Is there to be a hard stop time?