Marketing is Not …

Marketing isn’t just another name for:

  • Selling
  • Advertising
  • Common sense
  • Business
  • [geoads2]

Many companies who attempt to embrace marketing often make one of the following mistakes:

Sales Department Marketing

The Sales Manager adds or changes his/her job title to include the word marketing.  The actions taken are usually to do with price and discounting, but ignore product/service decisions, value, quality, etc. They forget customer needs.

 Art Department Marketing

The company bolts on a specialised department to look after marketing.  It usually ends up looking at sales promotion ideas and improvements in the post-sale Customer Service area.

 Formula Marketing

Marketing as control.  Analysis of data, lots of discussion about the theory of marketing.  Specialises in 20/20 hindsight decisions, always knowing why it went wrong or didn’t work after the fact.

Money Marketing

All decisions are taken based on a tight definition of short-term financial return.  R & D, product development, long planning tends not to happen.


These approaches suggest that REAL marketing has four key features:

  1. Starting with the customer
  2. Having a longer perspective
  3. Using all the company’s resources
  4. Innovation