Managing In A Changing World

We may now know when the budget is going to be, and from that it’s a short logic leap to know when the next general election is going to be, but even William Hill is reluctant to speculate too strongly on who the next UK Government will be. What we do seem to know for sure is that a new Government will bring new changes, and regardless of the ministers in charge it’s safe to say those changes are going to bring at least as many challenges as they will opportunities for the organisations we work in.
Planned change can work really well when organisations have time, resources and clear parameters to work within, and confident enthusiastic managers and leaders to help implement that change. Yet change isn’t always planned and sometimes it’s us that’s reacting to change created by others. The ability to withstand constant change, to remain resilient in the face of relentless change, and to have the confidence and capability to drive yet more change through successfully in change weary organisations will be a key management skill for the teens (the teenies?).

How well does your organisation handle planned and unplanned change? How well positioned are you to be flexible in the face of a changing marketplace?

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