Managing For Success

Managers today face more complex challenges than at any time in the past. With downsizing and de-layering there’s no room for passengers and the pressure comes from all angles. There’s plenty of literature out there on how to be a great manager, and TV programmes give us all kinds of perspectives on what it takes to succeed in business, from Mary Queen of Shops through Dragon’s Den to The Apprentice people get some interesting insights into how businesses are run, how ideas are developed and how projects can go horribly wrong.


Good managers make great companies, translating the corporate objectives into meaningful messages that help people to understand what they need to contribute, managing performance and building motivated teams. That kind of uncommon good sense rarely makes it into popular or even business media and role models can be hard to come by.

Yet management training is often reserved for those who have years of management experience. Giving solid, practical management skills to first line managers and supervisors is perhaps the most robust investment an organisation can make in its future.

Structured Training’s Fundamentals of Management Open Course is designed around a core set of management competencies and is tried and tested, constantly updated to meet the needs of the modern manager.