Management Development

Most organisations recognise that their success is dependent on having a pro-active, value adding management population. However fewer organisations are actually able to translate that aspiration into a really effective management development programme.

What will a Structured Training Management Development programme deliver for you?

  • Strategically aligned performance improvement
  • An operationally effective and results driven management population
  • A stimulating, challenging and verifiable learning experience
  • A framework upon which performance improvement can be sustained and built on.

Executed properly, Management Development can be one of the key drivers of competitive advantage. Market pressures are increasing the need for managers to work smarter, faster and more innovatively – all at the same time. As the War for Talent continues to intensify the need to recruit, select, develop, promote and retain high quality managers needs to become a conscious core competence. Despite this, only a few organisations actually translate these environmental dynamics into a holistic, robust, management development framework; the majority simply delivering a patchwork of unconnected initiatives usually built around event-led training programmes.

Structured Training’s approach is different. Before we even think about design and delivery, we begin by looking at the organisational and business context. Our methodology then follows a simple structure; need centred, effective design, practical implementation, business impact focused and value for money.

Structured Training’s Management Development programmes focus on the delivery of:

  • increasing operational effectiveness whilst building broader contribution capability
  • developing managers that can add greater value to creating empowered, productive teams
  • creating a management population that can act as agents of change
  • providing role model exemplars for managers to orientate their own behaviours and performance towards.

Organisations would benefit from a Structured Training Management Development framework who are trying to:

  • equip managers with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to more effectively deliver on their organisational objectives
  • articulate and demonstrate what it means to be an effective manager within their organisation
  • support and develop managers who have been promoted on their technical rather than managerial ability and now need to ‘step-up’
  • equip managers to deal with the downward demands from senior management and the upward pressure of their team members.

Structured Training’s approach is different. We begin by looking at some of the underlying organisational pain points. Below, we have outlined some of the most common ones we have found in our management development work. Take a moment to reflect on how relevant they are to your own organisation:

  • Managers are promoted on their technical rather than managerial ability – we can show how to create two mutually enhancing career paths for managers
  • Some managers can become irrelevant with people working around rather than through them – we can increase the value of all management roles
  • Many managers are either great at the people stuff, or really good at focusing on delivering results, but few managers actually do both consistently – our development processes focus on combining the two
  • The management team consists of very little leadership – we can generate real leadership momentum
  • Managers are great tactically, but don’t seem capable of communicating and contributing to the overall vision – we can increase strategic capability.

In-Company tailored courses are bespoke skills based solutions providing a highly interactive and participative environment to address your training and development needs. They offer a cost effective and personalised approach to development. For more information contact us.