Making Best Practice Work For You

As organisations of all sorts re-assess their current situations and start to plan for a post-recession future, the way forward is not always clear. Some organisations have lost key customers who they will need to replace, others have seen sections of their workforce cut leaving skill gaps which will need to be filled to compete in a tough marketplace.
The task for Learning & Development in this climate is to make a real difference to organisational development, whilst keeping costs down and return on investment high. The competing needs of differing parts of the organisation, and demands from individuals within the business, can be hard to prioritise.

Structured Training’s  approach can help organisations to think more strategically about how Learning & Development can make an impact, identifying areas where interventions (and not always training or obviously learning ones) will transform performance.

Using a structured approach to uncovering the key people issues the organisation faces, our  consultant can enable Learning & Development to make key insights and deliver real change, whilst maintaining budget levels and minimising time away from the key priorities of customer contact and quality service delivery.

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