Let’s all go to the Moon! #LunarMissionOne

One of our good pals has been working away on  top secret project, but although it’s been super exciting, she hasn’t been able to tell anyone about what she’s been working on. Today she was able to share – Lunar Mission One launched a project to get a robot to the moon. The plan is to drill down up to 100m into the moon and analyse samples.  If the Rosetta mission set you alight with excitement then this is a project that you can be a part of.

The team needs funding to get the project off the ground (and up to the moon), and with no taxpayer funds headed off Earth, they’re raising the funds from science and adventure fans through KickStarter.  As an extra bonus, once that hole has been drilled they’ll be dropping a time capsule into it.  You can help shape that time capsule.

It will take a while, building a moon rocket isn’t easy, but the scientists and engineers involved will be sharing their progress with backers, making everyone a part of the team.

We’re going to the moon*, take a look at who else is involved and let’s all send our rocket to the moon.

*None of our consultants will be strapped to a rocket and sent to the moon, no matter what level you back the project at.