Indirect Selling

Selling through others, such as distributors, agents or retailers requires additional skills to selling direct. We must create the right environment and support for the intermediary to sell. This course allows participants to develop their action plan and skills.


Selling through other people is particularly challenging. The ‘other people’ may be distributors, dealers, sales channels or other sales forces in your own organisation. Many people who are good at selling direct to prospects fail when selling via other people. We need an action plan which ‘sells’ to the indirect sales force and then helps the indirect sales force to sell.

Unlike a direct salesforce, problems with an indirect salesforce result in reduced sales. We need special skills to handle such situations.

This stimulating and practical course provides the key skills and strategies needed and helps participants to develop their personal action plans.

Who Should Attend
All new and experienced salespeople who must sell through an indirect salesforce.

1 Day Course

Indirect Selling – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

    • challenges and evolution of development
    • develop the first part of the action plan by reviewing potential content and discussion of priorities
    • develop the second part of the action plan by the same process of discussing potential content
    • the key aspects of review
    • the areas of skill development – particular attention will be paid to handling some of the more difficult situations.


Indirect Selling – Course Outline

The Challenges Of Selling Through Others
The supply chain
Stages of Intermediary Salesforce Development

Action Plan – Part 1 – Basic Plan
Memory retention
The first sale
Promotion materials
Competitor briefing
Brainstorming, Action Plan Development

Action Plan – Part 2 – Building Business
Establish the right range of relationships
Keeping up-to-date
Maintaining focus
Action Plan Development

The Review Process
Operation/Materials, etc.

Key Skills
Key skill range
Diplomacy skills:
– Difficult situations
– Techniques
– Enabling behaviours