In A Management Role? – A Quick Guide To Enhancing Your Credibility With Your Team

We hear lots of conversation about teams’ views of their manager. It’s a popular break-out conversation. A common theme centres on a desire for mangers to be, well, just a bit more admirable, to be a more obvious role model, to have a bit more about them. If you’re that manager being talked about, we have provided a 14 point guide to improving your credibility. All these points are answers to common complaints raised by unimpressed team members:

  1. Deliver the required quality of output in your own work.
  2. Complete that work to the timetable you originally set.
  3. Work on really understanding your people, without over-identifying with their problems or issues.
  4. Position your personal style around being effective in delivering objectives, don’t work on being liked or feared.
  5. Lead by example; it’s not your job to do their job for them, but it is your job to get stuck in when and where required.
  6. Demonstrate your commitment to, and belief in, your team to others.
  7. Be a human being; you are not infallible, don’t be too intense.
  8. Deal with team conflict, never ignore undermining behaviour.
  9. Be a coach to your team; constantly look for ways to improve their performance.
  10. Set and maintain high standards, both in performance and behavioural terms.
  11. Deliver a cast-iron commitment to confidentiality; your total discretion is guaranteed.
  12. Manage up effectively; teams like to see their manager surfing company politics and pressures, rather than being drowned by them.
  13. Don’t over burden your team with your concerns; don’t pass the full heat of that meeting you’ve just attended onto them.
  14. Appropriately socialise with your team, but it’s not your job be the life and soul of any party, you are still their manager. Never get drunk with your team.