If You Like Simplicity – A One Page Sales Strategy

Strategy can often become over complicated and the sales version contain too many complex second and third layer requirements.A different approach is to look at what you want your sales strategy to deliver. For a Business to Business sales organisation requiring to develop existing customers and find new ones, we have distilled what people need to do into three actions that, if done properly, will deliver everything a sales strategy should be about:


  1. To constantly increase the number of high quality, profit yielding customer relationships.
  2. To increase and extend lifetime customer value by constantly unlocking new opportunities with all active accounts.
  3. To deliver enhanced customer experiences through revolutionising all interactions – in all (integrated) dimensions – at a constantly lower cost.

For some organisations there will be more focus on point 1, new customer acquisition, for others more focus on the second, increasing the amount of business done with existing customers, but all salespeople will in some way need plans for both of these vital sales activities.

The third area is more difficult simply because it involves other parts of your organisation. All the evidence shows that the way your whole organisation engages with the customer impacts on both your customers’ loyalty and their repeat purchase motivations. Sales people should be at the heart of understanding the levers that affect customer buying decisions and be able to effectively orchestrate their improvement.

Pre and post sales activities need to be brought into the sales persons’ sphere of influence. Too much sales people’s time is spent expediting their own sales, recovering difficult situations and apologising for other departments. By taking a more holistic view of the customer the sale function becomes much more sophisticated is its dealings with its own organisation.
By organising what people do around these three themes you will achieve real strategic clarity.

= deeper engagement with larger numbers of more profitable customers