How to Lead Change

How to lead to new places your organisation and clients, defining new market spaces and new ways of working.


Change is about leadership, leadership is about change. Increasing change management capabilities with an absence of visible leadership is a waste of time (and money). Leaders stimulate and embrace change, they use change techniques to support the taking of people to new places. This creates for the organisation market-leading agility, competitive advantage and innovative solutions to clients’ problems.

What Change Leadership Delivers

4SLeadership™  focuses on the four key aspects of effective leadership and can be adapted at any level in the organisation. Working with a group  of managers or key specialists  4SLeadership™ will:

  • give people a simple yet powerful way of understanding their own preferred leadership style and give them strategies for improving their approach
  • build a focus for leadership throughout the organisation
  • integrate leadership with appropriate change tools, enabling people managers to become effective change agents
  • increase coaching capabilities in the relevant population
  • build effective feedback loops for leaders to improve.

How Predaptive Engage With Their Clients

We can work with you on deploying the complete HPOD™ framework, or only part of it, or a blend of several Success Drivers, or a unique combination of elements, even with some specifically designed content for your organisation.

We always begin from our client’s perspective, designing a correctly scaled, transparently priced, value for money, output driven solution.