How To Hard Wire Improved Sales Performance Into Your Organisation

Every business would like to improve its sales performance.  That being the case, why do most sales organisations struggle to do anything more than just exhort their sales people to do better?  The fundamental problem lies with a lack of rigour and understanding around the relationship of cause and effect.


What are the inputs that directly correlate to achieving the desired output? It’s not effective to say ‘we want more sales’, or ‘go out and close more orders’, or mandating sales people to make a minimum number of visits/phone calls etc.  These kinds of actions make sales managers feel better because they are direct and action orientated, but have limited performance impact.

What about really changing your sales organisation to create a significant, sustainable and appropriate performance uplift?

To do that you need answers around five key, inter-related questions:

  1. What are the key buying motives/decision points of our target customer group?
  2. What are the compelling points of difference in our sales offer?
  3. What are the sales Critical Success Factors?
  4. How motivated are our salespeople to perform?
  5. Do we have a high ownership sales culture?

When these five questions can be aligned around a set of compelling answers you will see sales performance improve.  The sales organisation moves from being a passive reactor to events and circumstance and begins to drive its own performance agenda. Optimi5ed™ uses a simple, structured process for focusing on the levers of performance improvement.

Sales performance is not something that should be left to individuals to deliver or not, based on their personality and extrinsic motivations (monetary reward).  It can be designed and managed.  It can be developed and improved.  Optimi5ed™ will show you how.