How To Be A Good Team Member

An effective team is more productive than a group of loners. Teams settle down over time. To be effective quickly, the individuals need to acquire key skills and understand team dynamics.


A team is far more than a group of loners. An effective team shows greater results, resilience and creativity than a group of loners.

Just calling a group of people a team does not mean they are a team. Teams take time to evolve. In the current commercial situation we need them to be effective quickly.

This course is more than ‘Team Building.’ It accelerates their development as a team and focuses on the key skills needed.

Who Should Attend
Members of an appointed team.

1/2 Day


Team Member – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • the indicators and benefits of an effective team
  • how to recognise the development of their team and help appropriately
  • the key skills and knowledge of effective team members. They will build a personal action plan

Team members will accelerate their team’s development during this course using team-building exercises that focus on different areas of team working.

Team Member – Course Outline

What Is An Effective Team?
Indicators of an effective team
Indicators of an ineffective team

Team Development
Accelerating development
Common problems

Team Member Contribution
Team culture
Performance areas
People areas
Planning areas
Productive and unproductive behaviours