How to Be a Billionaire, Without Leaving Home

This chart shows where the world’s US dollar billionaires live.  Each country is sized according to how many billionaire’s live there.  Those results are perhaps unsurprising, we’ve seen them before.  The interesting new insight this chart gives us is how the billionaires in each country got to be so rich.


If you are in the USA or China then go ahead and found your own company.  If you are British then work your way up the greasy pole and become an executive.  For the rest of Western Europe choose your parents carefully, if you want to be a billionaire, they better get earning fast.  For those of you in Russia and Kazakhstan a life in politics, or allocating mining licences might be for you…

If you don’t have a billion, and you’re willing to travel, the good people at How Much have this handy chart to let you know which type of government might be for you if you want a high income.  God Save the Monarch (with optional constitution).