How Do Your Business Proposals Compare To Your Competitors?

Evaluating Your Existing Sales Proposals
Read the following statements, circle 1 if it is very true, ½ if it is moderately true, 0 if untrue.

  1. We send out sales proposals not quotations 1 ½ 0
  2. Our sales documentation is easy to read 1 ½ 0
  3. The content is free of detailed technical information 1 ½ 0
  4. Sales offers are specifically written for all new business opportunities 1 ½ 0
  5. We frequently use a bullet-point format 1 ½ 0
  6. The text includes words and phrases used by the customer 1 ½ 0
  7. The binder adds value to the contents 1 ½ 0
  8. The most important sales documents are delivered personally 1 ½ 0
  9. Our pricing is always cost justified 1 ½ 0
  10. We provide evidence to support our solutions 1 ½ 0

Self Development

Compare your proposals to those of competitors. What does it tell you? Ask customers for feedback on layout and legibility of proposals. Consider the best time to write proposals to achieve best results.


Selling… Developing Your Sales Experience will equip you with tips on how to structure a value-add proposal that is attractive to read and gain commitment from your clients. It will also deliver an injection of new ideas and fresh approaches that will increase sales performance.