How Do You Measure Up As A Team Manager? 20 Point Checklist

Over the last 6 months we have been working on a competency project that has identified certain characteristics of the successful team manager. We have summarised those behavioural indicators into the following list:


  1. They seek to add value to what the team are trying to achieve, rather than simply ‘manage’ them.
  2. They balance the task-team-individual requirements as best they can.
  3. They seek to work on connecting their personal goals with the organisational requirements.
  4. They maintain the appropriate emotional distance between them and their team. Close, but not too close. Distant but not that distant.
  5. They remember where their credibility should come from (contribution and expertise – not from position or hierarchical status).
  6. They work to make their people smarter.
  7. They constantly focus on increasing their motivation.
  8. They try to make their day as productive, and their work environment as stimulating, as possible.
  9. They make time for people, offering praise and encouragement.
  10. They avoid the team becoming emotionally dependent on them and vice versa.
  11. They seek to remain objective in all decision making.
  12. They deal with the tough stuff quickly, decisively, fairly and consistently.
  13. They hold themselves to the highest personal standards.
  14. They work hard at championing the organisation’s vision and values. They see themselves as needing to demonstrate real role-model behaviour.
  15. They are always confidential and discreet with information about their team. They don’t gossip about personal matters.
  16. They focus on coaching and supporting rather than checking and policing.
  17. They look to show they trust their people.
  18. They offer praise and recognition where it’s warranted.
  19. They don’t seek to impose their personal views or work style on others. They allow people to be themselves.
  20. They connect with people at the human level, not hiding behind titles or position.