How Do You Approach People Development/Training In Your Organisation?

It’s critical to get the right approach to how you develop your people. We have developed our own taxonomy for helping understand how mature an organisation’s Learning and Development approach really is.


One of the most common situations we find is how an organisation will promote the rhetoric of the right hand side but in reality have a mind-set more focused to the left.
To achieve the high impact people development of the Organisation Focused column requires a critical process to be followed.
Line management have to take ownership for, and be capable of, articulating the development gap for their people.
The required solution has to be validated and integrated with the organisations’ strategic imperatives.
The delivery phase meets the highest quality standards.
Line management stay engaged with the process taking responsibility for making sure the new learning is embedded in the workplace and the success metrics are robustly pursued.
There is a clear learning loop applied where legacy practice is tested against new, current practice and emerging best practice is captured and codified.
Predaptive, in conjunction with its sister organisation Structured Training can design the most effective, high impact learning environments, including facilitating the transition your Learning and Development culture across to the right hand side of our model.