How Are Your Negotiation Skills?

As we write this newsletter a hung parliament looks to be the most likely outcome of the UK General Election. For a country unused to coalition government there will likely be a lot of negotiation going on in the background to ensure favoured policies get on to the agenda.


Meanwhile out in the workplace negotiation is a key part of the salesperson’s toolbox. Many people feel that they can sell well, they have confidence in the products and services they are selling, and they know they can demonstrate to customers that their solutions are better than their competitors. What they feel less confident in doing is defending the price of their offer.After years of low inflation, customers are more likely to expect price decreases rather than price increases, and discounts are increasingly common.

Managers also spend much of their time negotiating, whether they see this as a key element of their role or not. Whether it’s agreeing project timescales, planning work schedules, or even agreeing the holiday timetable, negotiations of differing sizes and different levels of importance take place in the workplace everyday.

Mastering the art of negotiation can give you a real edge, leading to more productive outcomes, whilst ensuring that your colleagues and customers feel that they are achieving great outcomes too.