High Performance Organisational Development

Great solutions are based around our High Performance Organisational Development™(HPOD™) Framework. HPOD brings together the key organisational components that help create and sustain competitive advantage, which is the route to becoming a world class organisation:


  • Purpose – how to create meaning
  • Change – how to lead
  • Shape – how to organise your business
  • Engagement – how to create emotional stakeholders
  • Know-How – how to build capabilities

Over our five year history, we have undertaken in excess of 150 significant assignments and as part of our obsession with learning from what we do we have constantly refined our capabilities and looked for patterns in the success outcomes of our work. We have then distilled our findings into what has become our  HPOD™ Framework.

The HPOD™ Framework is made up of Five Success Drivers, each one focusing on a key aspect of what creates and sustains real competitive advantage:

  1. Purpose

    How to create meaning through building a motivating context that gives direction and motivates people to perform.

  2. Change

    How to lead to new places your organisation and customers, defining new market spaces and new ways of working.

  3. Shape

    How you organise your business to delight your customers, to optimise your resources, and to release peoples’ potential.

  4. Engagement

    How to create emotional stakeholders by implementing new ways of managing motivating, developing and coaching your people.

  5. Know-How

    How to build capabilities that increase intellectual capital and thought leadership.

By focusing on the right organisational requirements in a structured and joined-up way, you can create the architecture to effectively build a world-class organisation. Our HPOD™ Framework can help you do just that.