High Ownership v Low Ownership in Selling

Question : Why Did You Fail To Win The Business?


Low Ownership Answers

High Ownership Answers

They preferred the other product/service. I did not gain effective entry into the sales process, nor meet enough of the key players.
We appear to have lost it on price – we’re tooExpensive.. I did not really sell the solution and the real savings/benefits open to the client.
They are postponing the decision for a while. I failed to identify and understand their REAL needs and wants.
We could not meet their specification and/or delivery requirements. My demonstration was badly prepared and poorly executed.
They did not really know what it was they wanted. My proposal and offer was not really convincing enough and lacked a real cost benefit analysis.
They wanted more discount than I could give them. My follow-up was not dynamic enough lacking confidence – perhaps through lack of knowledge.
They feel a change in supplier to be too great a risk. I simply failed to make them want it enough.