Football Sales Management

It’s about scoring more goals that the other team – the ‘stating the obvious’ school of sales management


Imagine if football managers’ greatest insight in their team talks was to simply exhort their teams to win more. They have a very good answer to the follow up question – how? By scoring more goals!  OK – how? Now the dialogue gets a bit vague, but it’s only now that managers start to earn their money.

Put that into a sales environment. I want to you achieve your target (hubba! hubba!), How? By selling more!!!! Sales managers earn their money by having insight into the how of sales endeavour. Quantifiable results are the outputs of particular behaviours and activities, it’s these inputs that sales managers should obsess over, constantly looking to optimise the relationship quantity (what’s the possible maximums?) with quality (what does perfect execution look like?).

When we see a manager working in this way it’s a joy to see how s/he is constantly embedding added value performance activities and behaviours into the team daily lives and cutting out everything that isn’t. For example imagine if you knew (consciously, not intuitively) what the constituent parts of the perfect sales visit were? If all these were present the odds of a successful outcome would be significantly increased. This would now occupy most of your time, making sure as many members of the team were doing these things as often as possible.

And then imagine if the team were interested in sharing new related learning from these ‘turbo visits’ with each other. This sales visit exemplar would just keep getting better.