Eleven Things Effective Leaders Do…

They do nothing particularly difficult or sophisticated, but they are effective in creating value in their role through focusing on certain behaviours and activities that make all the difference.

Effective Leaders…

  1. Work at making sure their influence exceeds their levels of authority.
  2. Motivate those around them to change things
  3. Inhabit the mind of the customer
  4. Learn about the future, try to make the present work better and avoid being constrained by the past
  5. Are more of a coach less of a manager
  6. Constantly increase their knowledge, both directly and indirectly applicable.
  7. Feed and weed their personal networks
  8. Build talent around themselves
  9. Increase their skills before it’s a critical requirement
  10. Take their work really seriously but not themselves
  11. Maintain a sense of humility. Success is temporary failure is permanent

How many yes answers could you give yourself?