Eleven Smart Questions To Ask

When you feel a little stuck in a meeting or interview, it’s great to have some go to questions that get the other person talking and give you the kind of answers you need to gain some insight and think clearly.


Here’s eleven of the best that you can apply to all sorts of meetings and situations.

·         How would you compare “X” with “Y?”

·         How would you evaluate success in “X?”

·         What are the three most important difficulties you face in achieving “X?”

·         You said that “X” and “Y” are important.  Is there also a “Z” that fits with these two?

·         What does the problem with “X” cost you in lost opportunities?

·         If you could organize this operation in any way you desired, how would you do it?

·         Suppose you had no financial constraints in the next two years.  How would you do “X?”

·         Suppose you could write an ideal equipment specification for this product.  What would it include?

·         How do you feel about the trend toward “X” in your company?

·         You said that achieving “X” will be an important goal for the next year.  How do people in the division feel about your company’s ability to achieve “X?”

·         How does top management feel about the problems you have been describing in completing “X?”


Just remember to switch out X, Y and Z with actual words!