Delegation Skills

The effectiveness of a manager and the growth of the team often depend on the manager’s ability to delegate.

Delegation is not ‘dumping’ or merely allocating tasks. It is a skill that comparatively few managers/supervisors/team leaders process to a high level. Done well, delegation makes a significant difference to the motivation of the individual and productivity of the team. Good delegation also frees management time to allow pursuit of priority goals. This aids the career of the manager/team leader and the success of the team. The manager/team leader will not always be available due to holidays, internal meetings and sickness. The resilience of the team to cope with problems and opportunities is increased by the understanding and skill created by effective delegation. The growth of the organisation is often limited by the quality of new managers. Good delegation ensures new managers have a head-start in their roles.


This stimulating and practical course gives participants the skills and approach needed.

Who Should Attend
All Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and professional staff who have people reporting to them officially or unofficially.

1/2 Day

Delegation Skills – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

    • the role, value and meaning of effective delegation
    • how to identify appropriate tasks and people
    • how to manage the delegation process for significant projects and balance tasks between the team
    • how to perform the act of delegation for minor and significant tasks
    • how to follow-up on delegation.


Delegation Skills – Course Outline

What Is Delegation?
The role of delegation in developing a team
The role of delegation in increasing the effectiveness of the manager

Rules Of Delegation
What is, and is not, delegation
The differences between high and low quality delegation
Barriers to effective delegation
Causes of poor delegation

Delegation Opportunities
When to delegate
When not to delegate
Managing delegation
What cannot be delegated
What should not be delegated

The Act Of Delegation
Checking relevant factors
Briefing, reviews, coaching and support issues
Post-delegation activities

The Delegation Review Meeting
The manager as counsellor
Checking progress
How to offer advice without affecting ‘ownership’