Commuting For Success

Commuting has always been a time consuming experience, but with fuel prices at their current levels and congestion in the UK leading to delays it now takes up more time and money, so how can you make the most of your commuting time?

You can always read work papers and mentally plan for the day ahead or reflect on the issues you’ve encountered, but what if you want to make good use of the time without turning it into part of your working day?

We took an informal survey of some of our most successful customers and here’s what they told us about Commuting For Success:

  • I’m using my time on the train to read, not another pile of contracts, but all the novels I wish I’d read years ago. I could save them up for when I retire, but I’m really enjoying escaping into other worlds, other lives. It’s surprising how much I learn from them that I can apply to everyday life.
  • My phone has transformed my commute. At first I couldn’t see the point in shutting myself off to listen to music, but I’ve discovered I can download audiobooks which I find inspiring, the commute seems shorter and I feel smarter.
  • I’m loving Radio 4 and World Service I drive for hours every week and used to listen to a few favourite CD’s, but now I learn something new everyday, whether it’s something I thought I’d be interested in or not.
  • I’ve started shunning the Metro and shelling out 80p on a newspaper. I can read the news on the way in, getting myself in a business frame of mind. I save the supplement for the way home, it helps me relax and think about more social and arts related things before I get home.
  • Brain Training helps me switch my brain on in the morning, whether it’s Nintendo or the crossword, doing something abstract helps me get thinking and I feel far more alert and creative when I get to work. Super Mario is more of a trip home treat!

What are your active learning commuter tips?