Christmas-time Reading

Some older books, some new ones; all are worth the price of a cheap meal out, much more sustaining, and all are non-fattening:

  1. The Complete works of Malcolm Gladwell – his stuff makes you think, makes you smile and makes you think again. There are three books “The Tipping Point”, “Blink!” and “Outliers” plus a recently published book of essays “What The Dog Saw”. He has sometimes been criticised for stating the obvious and making a lot from a little, but his way of thinking and the examples he gives are refreshingly different from the norm.
  2. Three books by Jim Collins. His seminal work “Built To Last”, the follow up “Good To Great” which contains his Level 5 leadership model and his latest book “How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In”. This book has recently been used by the new chairman of Toyota to warn his organisation that unless they change they will slowly die. This is currently the biggest car company in the world. Very provocative.
  3. The business biography of the year is probably “The Snowball: Warren Buffet’s Business of Life”. This is the world’s most successful investor who lent Goldman Sachs several billion dollars at a preferred interest rate of 10% in the depths of the credit crunch and has just completed the purchase of a major US railroad company, in effect betting on the continued need to move vast amounts of finished goods and commodities around America in a reasonably environmentally sustainable way.
  4. The guru of all management writing is Peter Drucker and he should be mandatory reading. A great intro can be found in “Essential Drucker (Classic Drucker Collection)” and his autobiography “Adventurers Of A Bystander” will give all the background to him you need.

All the books can be found at Amazon or through good book shops. Happy and thought provoking reading!