Business Management for Sales People

As business moves forward, salespeople need to manage their business including effective pipeline management and forecasting. This course helps participants develop the key skills using their accounts/prospects.


Increasingly we ask salespeople to act as business-people and ‘run their business.’ What makes a good salesperson is not necessarily the same as what makes a good manager or good businessperson. This means we require additional skills in forecasting and sales pipeline management.Business Management for Sales People Course gives participants the key skills and business models needed.

Who Should Attend
All salespeople who are expected to manage their pipeline and forecasting.

1 Day

Business Management – Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • learn the value to them of effectively managing their business
  • learn to use objective analysis to go beyond ‘gut feel’ and optimism
  • learn to position current activities at different stages of the sales cycle
  • learn to use Decision Analysis to improve their forecasting and planning
  • present an analysis of their current prospects
  • learn to apply key business planning techniques to their own territory/ accounts


Business Management – Course Outline

Business Management
Benefits of business management
Business management model

Probability factors
Desirability factors

Decision Analysis
Different types of decision in the sales process
Using the different decision types to improve business management and forecasting

Business Analysis
Business climate analysis
Account/territory segmentation
Critical success factors