Body Language Cues – Lying

One of the easiest ways to spot that someone is lying, or covering something up, is that they cover their mouths when they talk, or don’t talk.


Send a small child on a shopping trip to buy something nice for Mother’s Day and then, when they come back, get the Mother in question to ask what they bought.  Amidst lots of giggling you’ll likely see hands in front of their mouth as they try to stop the words spilling out.

As people grow older they get wise to this easy give away, but it’s a hard habit to unlearn.  The more aware adult quickly moves their hand from their mouth to a more subtle nose touch.  It’s no accident that Pinocchio had a growing nose when he lied, noses are connected to lying.

Take a look at the image illustrating this article, do you think the picture editor is trying to tell you something about Sepp Blatter?