Badwill And The Shovel Ready Foxtrot Economy

The recession has launched its own share of buzzwords, here’s a few we’ve been hearing lately. If there are any you’re noticing trending, let us know.

The opposite of goodwill, the negative effect on sales and share price (or electoral chances) experienced when the public learns about unacceptable personal or business practices.

Dead Cat Bounce:
A temporary up turn in markets following a swift decline in sales followed by a further fall.

The opposite of incremental, a state of steady decrease.

Foxtrot Economy:
A state in which the economic figures released indicate fast-fast growth, but are followed by further quarters of slow-slow growth.

A self descriptor for people who find themselves out of work and enjoying spending time doing other things that a full time job didn’t allow, usually only used by people without pressing financial obligations.

Shovel Ready:
Descriptor of a project that is ready to start just as soon as financial resources are made available.

Zombie Company:
A business usually in financial services which is not financially viable without government loans and guarantees.