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Man painting mural of football team

What Makes An Effective Team?

Where are the most common places teams are talked about? Work and sport. And what is the common denominator that connects the two? Competition. We believe that one of the most effective ways to compete […]
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Stretford End

Training Versus Learning

Over the past few years there has been a significant ‘shift’ as organisations have sophisticated and begun to realise that the pick and mix, sheep dip approach to people development doesn’t achieve the impact necessary. […]
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Multiple Rollercoasters

The Sales Meeting

Professional Selling is not manipulation or bullying. Special skills are required. This module introduces the skills, situations and key points in a competitive sales process. Overview Today’s competitive environment requires more than good interpersonal skills. […]
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Police Phone Box

Telephone Selling

The telephone remains an essential part of selling. The telephone provides great opportunities, and it presents particular challenges – which explains why many sales people are successful face-to-face but not on the telephone. Overview Telephone […]