Are You Striking The Right Leadership Balance?

When times are tough people look for leaders to give them confidence and hope like never before. When the route to take isn’t clear, having confidence that someone in the team, the department or the organisation knows where they’re going makes it easy to follow. When people are behaving strangely in situations that they’ve never faced before it’s reassuring for others to know that there’s someone who is behaving in the way they not only expect, but they’d like to behave themselves.

Being a leader in tough times is no different than being a good leader in the boom times. Leaders strike a balance between confidence and empathy, they are able to clearly articulate their vision of what the future should look like, but are not so blinkered that they won’t listen to input from others or take account of a changing context. They are able to drive people forward with enthusiasm and motivate them to higher performance without pushing them into an uncomfortable stress zone.

Having one leader in an organisation is better than none, but having an organised and synergistic leadership team leads to sustainable higher performance. Unfortunately, much leadership reading and theorising focuses on the one transformational leader rather than the transformational leadership team. Having a group who respect and trust each other enough to have open discussions and to challenge the views and actions of others ensures better leadership, more robust decision making and effective implementation.

Finding the right balance at the right time isn’t easy, but Predaptive work with leaders to help them be more effective individually and to make a really positive impact as a high performing, functional leadership team. To find out more about how Predaptive can help your leaders to make a bigger impact contact: