Are You In The Zone?

We are all familiar with being in our Comfort Zone, but what about the other performance/behaviour zones that can help you focus on being more effective and understand why you feel like you do when performing at certain levels.

Working from the bottom up:

  • If you are below the black line you are in the boredom zone, having too little to think about is just as big an issue as having to much. The V signifies Value. Here you are creating less value than you are capable of.
  • In your comfort zone you are treading water.
  • In the stretch zone you are creating additional value; working and behaving in ways that require new thinking and possibly new skills.
  • The highest is the panic zone where you feel you can’t cope; you are at the limits of what you are capable of.
The key is not to stay in the stretch or panic zones too long, but to ‘visit’ them for short periods of time where you test yourself. The wave form shows this happening over time. As you can see your capacity for sustaining working at higher levels increases, the straight red lie showing how your natural resting point increases.By focusing on your capacity for learning in this way you can increase your potential, making it both easier to cope with increasing work demands and making yourself more employable.