An Early Definition of Salesmanship

What is the earliest definition of Salesmanship you have come across? What about this 18th Century  quote about a London auctioneer.


“…there was something interesting and persuasive, as well as thoroughly agreeable in his manner. He was very animated, and it may be justly said eloquent, in his recommendation of any article to be announced from his ‘Rostrum’, as well as in occasional effusions of genuine humour. He was courteous, friendly and hospitable in private life, and was held in great esteem by his numerous friends, among whom there were many of high rank…”

This was written by a contemporary of James Christie  (1730-1803), the famous auctioneer, whose name still leads one of the two most famous auction houses in the world.

The 250 year old quote still contains a pretty good definition of what a good sales person should be about. Including being knowledgeable, articulate, persuasive, easy to get on with, and being a great networker. All wrapped in an enthusiastic outlook.

Still pretty serviceable today.