A Meeting Checklist

Before you call or attend your next meeting have a quick glance through this checklist.  Can you answer the questions?  Are you happy with the answers?  You might be surprised at how much time and money you can save by only attending well designed, well chaired meetings.



  • Why are we holding this meeting?
  • Will the output of the meeting equate to three times it cost in terms of salaries of those involved?
  • Would some other method of communication be as effective?
  • What specifically do we wish to discuss?


  • What is the background to the meeting?
  • What are the terms of reference?
  • Will we cover each agenda point in depth or will some be over-viewed?
  • Can all information be divulged to everyone?
  • Do we have all the information we require?
  • Are all the members available and qualified?
  • Will the size of the group be appropriate?
  • Do we have sufficient time?
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  • What specifically do we wish to achieve?
  • How will we measure our success?
  • What is our minimum criteria for success?
  • What else could we achieve?
  • What are the constraints?