A Quick Coaching Checklist

Here’s an easy 13 point checklist to help with your next coaching session:


  1. Try not to be directive
  2. Avoid asking, “How do you feel it went?” Instead ask, “What do you feel went well?”
  3. Use open questions to encourage the individual to think through their actions and draw out their own solutions
  4. Listen to understand
  5. Use a mix of questioning techniques e.g. open, closed, probing, hypothetical, clarifying, reflective etc.
  6. Confront and challenge when appropriate, using specific, recorded examples
  7. Suspend your judgement and use objection handling skills as appropriate
  8. Create additional coaching opportunities by demonstrating the skill and giving the individual the opportunity to practice
  9. Use summaries
  10. Seek agreement to key development areas
  11. Elicit/highlight the benefit of change
  12. Elicit/suggest options to bring about change
  13. Set agenda for next steps to include follow-up/review