A Flood Of Talent

Here in the middle of England we’ve been experiencing bizarre weather conditions. Flood waters have affected everyone, whether to an extreme degree or simple inconvenience.

Everyone has a view on what’s causing the weather, or what should be done about it, yet how this is expressed and what people are doing varies:

  • There’s the angry citizen who knows what’s causing the problems and knows how the situation should be tackled and tells anyone who will listen, at length, whilst maintaining a simmering frustration that no-one is actually doing anything.
  • There’s the practical citizen who really wants to help and is out wading through the water looking for someone to help, or something useful to do, but isn’t sure about what that could be.
  • There’s the supportive citizen, standing by with cups of tea, ready to listen to the concerns of people, letting them vent their anger or express their grief, quietly and without judgement.
  • There’s the concerned citizen, worried that people will take advantage, wanting to make sure that everyone gets fair treatment and that there’s no profiteering or stockpiling.

All of these citizens want to make a positive contribution, and together they can and do, but alone they struggle to make an impact. The same can happen in any business, in order to lead effectively, particularly in a crisis, individuals need not only to understand, but to demonstrate all of the citizens’ characteristics.

Predaptive’s 4SLeadership™ approach helps potential and existing leaders to identify their key strengths, and provides them with a framework to develop the core elements of leadership. To find out about how Predaptive’s 4SLeadership™ could help your organisation contact us.