The 9 Characteristics Of A Successful Team

The implosion of Manchester United, live on TV, has been quite something to watch.  There’s many theories as to why it’s all gone so horribly wrong – Moyes is a bad manager, SAF left a superannuated team, the Glazers won’t invest, the players don’t care about the team, the FA and referees are conspiring against United, a gambling syndicate is behind it all.


Any combination of these may be true, but looking at the team in action, and how they relate to each other in real time is interesting.  How many of these nine characteristics do you see regularly this season on the pitch?  How many do you see in your team?

Successful teams:

  • Are results orientated and work enthusiastically to achieve those objectives
  • Have realistic, achievable, measurable and agreed objectives
  • Balance the needs of the task, team and individual
  • Develop rational but flexible structures and use methods understood and accepted by all members
  • Have an appropriate mix of talent and members who address necessary team roles
  • Have leaders with a flexible style with the ability to apply style appropriate to situation
  • Have members who are committed to the team’s objectives and to each other
  • Communicate openly, frankly and work on the basis of consensus
  • Learn from success as well as failure, in terms of team synergy, individual satisfaction and task achievement.