80 Ideas for Sales Meetings

Sales Managers are often nervous of kicking off yet another dry sales meeting.  Here’s some ideas that recent participants have shared for adding an element of discussion and debate at sales meetings.

Topics marked * are great for getting people talking and sharing ideas – get a flipchart or whiteboard ready to capture ideas or have a stack of Post-It notes ready to stick on the wall.


  1. Discussion of results against targets
  2. * How can we use teamwork to sell more
  3. Discussion of costs against budget
  4. * How can we reduce sales expenses/costs
  5. Discussion on product prices
  6. * How can we get better prices/reduce give-aways
  7. Planning selling time
  8. * Planning to improve prospecting for new customers
  9. * How to plan for more effective territory coverage
  10. Pre-planning calls on buyers and non-buyers
  11. The purpose and value of company paperwork
  12. The importance of keeping adequate customer records
  13. Writing more creative and helpful reports
  14. * How could we simplify company processes
  15. * How to sell the full range of products/services
  16. Using current advertising to support sales presentations
  17. * New products needed to ‘plug holes’ in current range
  18. Selective selling: setting product priorities
  19. * How to find and attack competitors’ strongholds
  20. * Comparing the product range with competitors
  21. Discussing future plans for major exhibitions
  22. * Possible advantages of holding in-company exhibitions
  23. * How to develop and use Case Histories
  24. Re-opening dormant accounts (except bad payers)
  25. How to identify slow payers in advance
  26. * The best way to ask for money owing to us
  27. Individual self-analysis to improve effectiveness
  28. Individual team members’ plans for own self-development
  29. Individuals to give summary of book read about selling
  30. * Additional group training needed to improve effectiveness
  31. Making appointments by telephone
  32. The best ways to improve email management
  33. Getting beyond email communication
  34. Difficult types of buyer and how to handle them
  35. How to deal with ‘I’ve never heard of your company’
  36. * Best methods of introducing company and products
  37. How to capture attention from start of meetings
  38. Questions to develop the customer’s interest
  39. Using your website to support the sale
  40. * Ideas to improve the company LinkedIn profile
  41. Painting word pictures which increase need
  42. Questions which encourage buyer to discuss needs
  43. * Translating product features into benefits
  44. Benefits: How to present capital or revenue savings
  45. How to demonstrate a product
  46. * Developing a survey check-list: getting the facts
  47. Overcoming customer objections and resistances
  48. * Developing best answers to the most frequent objections
  49. Techniques for closing the sale
  50. * How to select the most appropriate close to use
  51. Handling complaints about products: quality, etc
  52. Handling complaints about service: deliveries, etc
  53. * How to reduce customer complaints
  54. Effective presentation of proposals
  55. * How we could improve company proposals
  56. Negotiation techniques: exchanging concessions
  57. * Listing concessions which buyers usually try to get
  58. * Listing concessions we can make which are not too costly
  59. Making more effective customer presentations
  60. * Individual role-plays on product presentations
  61. Introduction of Customer Care programme
  62. * How to improve customer relationships
  63. ‘Professionalism in Selling’
  64. ‘Good Human Relations in Selling’
  65. ‘Developing a Reasoned Logical Approach to Selling’
  66. *The Power of Enthusiasm in Selling’
  67. ‘The Development of a ‘Service’ Attitude to Customers’
  68. ‘How to Sell a Service’
  69. ‘Eliminating Negative Language and Attitudes from Selling’
  70. ‘Influencing with Integrity’
  71. ‘The Best Sale I ever made’
  72. ‘The Most Difficult Sale I ever made’
  73. ‘The Greatest Selling Mistake I ever made’
  74. ‘My Recipe for Selling Success’
  75. Invite speakers from other departments in the company
  76. Invite outside speakers or buyers from business/industry
  77. Hold Brains Trust meeting with colleagues and outsiders present
  78. Organise revision and quiz on specific product knowledge (with prizes)
  79. Select individual salesperson to organise/administer meeting
  80. Select individual salesperson to chair meeting (with manager present)


  1. What’s on the agenda for our next sales meeting

What would you add?