30 Human Resources and Organisational Development Acronyms

We’ve all been in meetings when people use a whole buffet of acronyms that all seem to run into each other and make no sense.  The smart thing to do is ask if you don’t know what one of them means, but to give you a running start at your next learning and development or human resources led meeting, here’s a few to get you started…


AAR After Action Review
BEER Behaviour, Effect, Expectations, Results
BHAG Big Hairy Assed Goal
BPR Business Process Re-engineering
CBI Computer-Based Instruction
CBT Computer-Based Training or Competency Based Training
CPI Continuous Process Improvement
CSF Critical Success Factor
FTE Full Time Equivalency
HRBP Human Resources Business Partner
HRD Human Resources Development
HRM Human Resources Management
HUG Human Resources User Group
JICT Just-In-Case Training
JITT Just-In-Time Training
KPI Key Performance Indicator
L&D Learning and Development
MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
PDP Personal Development Plan
PMS Performance Management System
SOX Sarbanes Oxley
T&D Training and Development
TQM Total Quality Management
VAK Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
YTD Year To Date