Month: March 2018

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Creativity and Brainstorming

Creativity Creativity is concerned not only with new ideas, but also with escaping old ones.  Many old ideas survive through habit or routine, and not – as they should – as a result of a continuous […]

Letter Writing Skills

Letters are our ambassadors and provide a permanent record. Excellent relationships created face-to-face can be ruined by one poorly written letter. [geoads2] Overview Letters, e-mails and memos are a vital element in customer communication and […]
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Are Your Employees Under Performing?

Detecting Poor Performance Detecting poor performance in an employee is not always as easy as it seems, but any check list should cover the following: [geoads2] Aggression:  Appears to provoke a lot of conflict?  Others […]
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Displacement Selling Part III

We must increasingly deal with a wide range of behaviour types amongst the customer group. Our success will be increased if our versatility increases. [geoads2] Overview Increasingly the salesperson must be able to persuade and […]
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So You Want To Be a Consultant?

Core Consultancy Behaviours Effective consultants need: [geoads2] Profound understanding of customer needs Systematic analysis of the true priorities and problems within these generic needs Ability to position products/services against these customer priorities To multiple levels […]