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Seven Bad Sales Development Tools

There is a lot of ‘get good quick’ type sales development advice about. We thought we’d share with you 7 we have come across being peddled recently. [geoads2] Understand The […]

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Six Signs of Real Solution Selling

The  concept of solution selling has become devalued to the point where everybody is ‘selling solutions’. See Private Eye (  for some of the most extreme and ridiculous examples. In […]

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New Job Reading List

We’re often asked by people heading into a new management job what they should do to prepare.  We have a handy first 100 days article which will give you some […]

Turning Difficult Customers Into Lifelong Fans

Do difficult times produce difficult customers or have they just always been there? We recently received this unsolicited testimonial from a participant on one of our sales training courses. “I […]