Ten Strategy Thought Starters

1. Strategy definition: Creating distinctive, sustainable competitive advantage. Not difficult to articulate but for many organisations difficult to do well. [geoads2] 2. Distinctive means being discriminatory, rejecting options, not doing […]

A World of Words

Many languages have some great words that just don’t translate well.  Those words seem to say something about differing priorities in the cultures that use them. [geoads2] What does your everyday […]

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25 Facts About Sales People

A Sales Director asked Father Christmas for the ability to really understand sales people. Having Santa as a strategic partner has allowed us a sneak preview of the Sales Director’s […]

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Building Sticky Content

How appealing is your Academy Hub content, does it attract users to revisit the Hub frequently leaving them hungry for more? Ask yourself the following three questions: Is your Hub […]

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Eleven Smart Questions To Ask

When you feel a little stuck in a meeting or interview, it’s great to have some go to questions that get the other person talking and give you the kind […]

A Quick Coaching Checklist

Here’s an easy 13 point checklist to help with your next coaching session: [geoads2] Try not to be directive Avoid asking, “How do you feel it went?” Instead ask, “What […]