The Role Of Coaching

What Is Coaching? ‘Coaching’ takes over where ‘Training’ leaves off ‘Training’ focuses on providing additional skills for individuals and teams to do their jobs better and to contribute more efficiently to achieving […]

Let’s all go to the Moon! #LunarMissionOne

One of our good pals has been working away on  top secret project, but although it’s been super exciting, she hasn’t been able to tell anyone about what she’s been […]

The Nature of Change

People live with change constantly: in a lifetime, everyone goes through personal transformation from infancy to adolescence, young adulthood, middle age and finally old age. A career path may lead […]

The Causes of Change

 To deal effectively with increasing rates of change it is important to understand its underlying causes.  Organisational changes are frequently driven by causes external to the organisation. [geoads2] Political/Legal Competition […]