Month: September 2014

Leveraging Intellectual Capital

The power of leveraging Intellectual Capital is significant, with industries and businesses that are consciously competent in their Intellectual Capital being closely linked with: [geoads2] Higher profitability Possessing greater market leverage Harnessing increased product differentiation […]

Organising and Scheduling Effective Meetings

The number of people attending is an important consideration when organising a meeting.  Too many people and the meeting is likely to take far too long, too few people and commitment from interested parties not attending […]

A brand masterclass, complete with cautionary tale

When people think of brands it’s not long before they get to Coca-Cola as an example of one that has taken over the world.  This little film gives you a potted history of the development […]

Swedish giant beats Apple to technology announcement

One of Sweden’s best known global companies has stolen a march on Apple, getting their launch out well ahead of Apple’s much anticipated announcement of a new iPhone on 9 September. [geoads2] Taking the Apple style […]

A Meeting Checklist

Before you call or attend your next meeting have a quick glance through this checklist.  Can you answer the questions?  Are you happy with the answers?  You might be surprised at how much time and […]