Opportunity Creates Capacity


Take your business goals, customers and market position(s) to new levels and places,  leverage your capabilities into adjacent and new markets, as well as redefining your core market offerings to set new rules for competition. Make connections and deliver insights,  combine the science of analytics with the art of discovery.


Create a unique point of view:

Understand what can be done differently and as a result what can be created enabling you to view the world differently. Having a unique point of view about the future and the market place is the bedrock to developing differentiated growth offerings.

Discover new perspectives and ideas:

Having a different perspective on the world creates new opportunities and enables the development of new business ideas and ways to redefine your current markets.

Open up new competitive spaces:

The combination of new points of view and ideas allow you to expand your view of what is possible and therefore increases the market opportunities you can address. When combined with a thorough understanding of organisational capabilities it provides the competency anchor from which to leverage new market opportunities and to redefine your view of current markets.


Tests for sustainability:

Any radical thinking must be informed by market intelligence and understanding to ensure newly created spaces represent significant sustainable revenue opportunities.

Marketing is Not …

Marketing isn’t just another name for:

  • Selling
  • Advertising
  • Common sense
  • Business
  • [geoads2]

Many companies who attempt to embrace marketing often make one of the following mistakes:

Sales Department Marketing

The Sales Manager adds or changes his/her job title to include the word marketing.  The actions taken are usually to do with price and discounting, but ignore product/service decisions, value, quality, etc. They forget customer needs.

 Art Department Marketing

The company bolts on a specialised department to look after marketing.  It usually ends up looking at sales promotion ideas and improvements in the post-sale Customer Service area.

 Formula Marketing

Marketing as control.  Analysis of data, lots of discussion about the theory of marketing.  Specialises in 20/20 hindsight decisions, always knowing why it went wrong or didn’t work after the fact.

Money Marketing

All decisions are taken based on a tight definition of short-term financial return.  R & D, product development, long planning tends not to happen.


These approaches suggest that REAL marketing has four key features:

  1. Starting with the customer
  2. Having a longer perspective
  3. Using all the company’s resources
  4. Innovation