Month: March 2010

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What People Do On Trains

Train travel is instructive for observing the work habits of ones fellow passengers. We think it is a very under researched area of human behaviour deserving of more attention. [geoads2] Computer Jockeys Hunt and peck […]

Managing In A Changing World

We may now know when the budget is going to be, and from that it’s a short logic leap to know when the next general election is going to be, but even William Hill is […]

Change – Nothing Is Secure, Nothing Keeps

We have been doing a lot of work on Change Management recently. The impact of the recession has been felt across both the private sector and public sector alike. The effects of restructuring and cost-saving […]

Notice Board Translations

Spending lots of time in organisations offices you see many things pinned on notice boards, cubicle walls and dividing screens. Below are the most common ones (seen more than three times in different companies over […]