Month: January 2010

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What Is So Special About Selling?

Very few people go into selling as a vocation, something they wanted to do from an early age. Yet when we spend any time with high performing salespeople one of the most striking things about […]
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How To Develop Sales Best Practice

Best Practice used as a development tool is one of the most powerful ways to improve performance. In this article we give an overview that covers how to go about embedding its use into your […]
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The Evolution Of Performance

Businesses are all looking for the perfect performance management systems, either looking for the ultimate process, the ideal software or the most elegant paperwork. [geoads2] Unfortunately, developing each of those takes time, and can result […]

10 Hopeless New Year Resolutions For Managers

We’m sure you’ve attempted to make some New Year Resolutions, some you might not have even broken yet. Below we list some you will be wasting your time making. How do we know? – because […]

New Year – New Direction For Your Training Plan

Most organisations, whenever their financial year starts, use the New Year as a time to look at their Training Plan and see if it’s fit for the year ahead. After the traumatic events experienced in […]
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The Compelling Business Case

With selling very much on the agenda , customers are increasingly looking to buy great value. When you’re up against stiff competition, making sure you’ve got a compelling business case for your offer can make […]